Material and Color

VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester

VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester

VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester


 Immensely attractive, this popular product has set the industry standard for decorative windscreens and is available in 9 colors, with others available on request.

  • Woven polyester with vinyl coating. 
  • Has long been a top choice for tennis courts and other athletic sites
  • Enhances any athletic, tennis, park, or landscape setting 
  • This is also our typical material we use for printing


Material: 9 x 12 1000 Denier Vinyl Coated Polyester

Standard Heights: 6’ and 9′

Weight: 9oz/sq-yd

Density/Opacity: 85%

Hems: 1.25” wide 3-ply reinforced with 18 oz vinyl

Grommets: #2 brass, stainless, black

Warranty: 10 Years in most application. Lifetime warranty in some applications 


VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester

VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester


This popular windscreen offers the versatility to fit the broadest number of applications with several important advantages.

  • Most economical
  • Most widely sold
  • Most versatile
  • Knitted polyethylene with 90% opacity.
  • Superior UV resistance for longevity and durability
  • Used for many applications such as patio shade, side panels for parking structure for Rv’s/Boats, privacy for fencing, hunting blinds, quick window shade for your office And more. 


Material: High-Density Knitted Polyethylene

Density/Opacity: 90%

Material/Weight: 4.9 OZ/SQ-YD

Hems: 3-ply reinforced with a polypropylene binding

Grommets: #2 brass grommets every 12”

Warranty: 5 Years

MSV Marine Solid Vinyl

VCP Vinyl Coated Polyester

MSV Marine Solid Vinyl


18 oz. vinyl  where extreme durability is required. 

Block all elements on boats, RVs, side by side, Jeep, etc. and custom projects. 

Also available to be custom printed.