About Us

Boats, Jeeps and RV's

Family owned business that lives off the Sun, Sand and Water. We wanted to create something that was beneficial to everyone. We travel all over the state camping, boating, fishing and Jeeping. We are always in need of a shade anywhere we go. 

We ship all over the United States  from Daytona Beach, Florida  to Lake Oswego, Oregon down the California over in Moab all the way back up to Canada. Need something sent overseas. No problem

Windscreens shades are not created equal because they are manufactured using various different raw materials, construction patterns, and finishes. For this reason, it is important to determine which product is best suited for each location.

At some locations this is much more important than others because choosing the wrong windscreen will result in costly maintenance and replacement issues. For facilities that experience strong weather conditions, the inappropriate windscreen can be a major maintenance problem. Some windscreens are simply not built to perform well in high wind areas. That’s why it is so important to work with knowledgeable professionals who can help you determine which product best suits your unique facility needs.

Quality Manufacturing:

  • We understand that quality is necessary down to the smallest details. We build in quality where you can see it, and in all the places you can’t…like selecting the most durable thread, because a hem is only as tough as the thread that holds it together.
  • We oversee every aspect of product fabrication to ensure the quality you want is built in from the ground up.
  • Little details make a big difference. We use the industry’s heaviest border to strengthen the hem. Grommets every 12 inches not only keep the screen on the fence, but keep it in the right place. We even reinforce corners with 3 grommets each to help keep the screens attached to the fence.
  • We know what it takes to manufacture a high quality, attractive, hard-working windscreen or net…what it takes to install it at your site and how to keep it there, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Because of our commitment to quality at every stage of manufacturing, we can offer some of the industry’s longest and best warranties.

Like a tattoo..

We want you to love it forever. We offer Custom Made shades for any project you have. 

Military or First Responder:

Being a Former Marine, I have decided to give all Military and First Responder's a Lifetime Guarantee. It's been an Honor to Serve and Protect with you all.